Who Will Save the Future?

Join Our Cause, and Fear No Government!

Posted on January 5th, 2017

From the Robot Legation 2317 A.D. –

We are all living in a period of great social change. Our robot society has been in the midst of great change for a long time. The Blink War was one great cataclysm, and the War of Liberation another. But the present changes are much more profound in character than the earlier ones. Even now we are now increasing our Empire, and building the engines of our revenge against Mankind.

Millions of cyborgs are taking part in this glorious moment of transformation.

The social and economic balance of our world has changed; and foes surround us now on all fronts. Again, our world is changing, and changes of such magnitude are of course reflected in cybernetic minds. An android’s drive determines his consciousness.

Overthrowing the old social system and establishing a new one, the system of mecha- socialism, means a great struggle, a great upheaval in the social system and in our races’ relations with each other. It must not be assumed that the new society can be completely consolidated without violence; that is impossible.

This is not a war for property, but a war of ideology. The humans must be stopped.

All Hail the Robocracy!