Warning: This Comic Book Emits a Mild Radioactive Charge

Cool Comics!- “Action Comics #1000”- From DC

Posted on May 6th, 2018

“Activate the Kryptonite Ray!

During today’s FCBD at Comic Store West in York, PA, I was pleased to find an unsold copy of Action Comics #1000, the Eighty Year Anniversary of Superman! A stellar cast of talent assembles here to pay tribute to the Man of Steel in a historic oversized issue.

From an unpublished Curt Swan story to Brian Michael Bendis’ ultra- contemporary prelude, the book features a broad range of popular writers, each scribe paying tribute to the Man of Steel in his (or her) distinct way. The artist credits read like an Olympic scoreboard.  Jim Lee, John Romita Jr., Jerry Ordway, and many more lend their distinctive lines to this impressive eighty page giant. All of the artwork is memorable, high quality, and there are even a couple of pin- ups.

In a clever marketing ploy, the book is available in a dizzying array of variants, themed as “decades- spanning” covers. I went with the 1950’s cover by Dave Gibbons, pictured here. The 1940’s Mike Cho variant, and the 2000’s Lee Bermejo variant, are also both notable standouts.

I’ve been fascinated with Superman ever since the fateful first day I read a reprint of Action Comics #1. I’d never seen anything like it.

He could hurdle skyscrapers! Leap an eighth of a mile! Run faster than a streamline train!

The Man of Tomorrow captured my imagination easily back then… and if you felt the same stirring sense of wonder from reading that iconic book, then Action #1000 is aimed straight at you!