Who Will Save the Future?


SOCKET is the terrifying true story of America’s first all- robot investigative team. Set in a disturbing apocalyptic future, their fast paced adventures focus on defeating surreal and supernatural threats with a slick Silver Age style.

The mechanical world of SOCKET has a distinct visual style, a dystopian future realm of jetpacks and hover cars, yet with one foot set firmly in 1963.

The SOCKET Universe is divided into three basic areas.

The Robocracy – An impossible robot city, with towering spires and a dark robot ghetto. Some reluctant citizens are “half- men”, or human beings who possess a required percentage of cybernetic modifications.

The New Federalists – the last remnants of America. A loose federation of heavily armed and violent patriots. They hate robots.

The Greater Pan- Asian Collective (G- PAC) – A nation where all technology has been banned for the last three centuries. The populace is ruled by a mysterious religious figure called the Red Goddess. No foreigners are allowed in or out.

Cast of Characters

Seamus Murphy – former U.S. marine and spiritual leader of SOCKET. Seamus is ashamed of his robot appearance and often wears an oversized raincoat, hat and sunglasses.

REN7 – the Emperor’s disgraced former bodyguard. During a royal assassination attempt, REN7 killed the emperor’s brother and so was banished from the PAC.

Isaac – An Alien Cyborg, escaped from AREA 51. Currently having memory loss issues.

The False Professor Lucius Von Strang – a cybernetic bear. The bear contains the formidable intellect of Lucius Von Strang, kidnapped robotic scientist.

The Pilot – an appliance, specializing in high altitude mechanical repair

Ashley Hendersen – the President’s daughter. She is blonde and loves British heavy metal.

Field Marshall Felice Rodriguez – Leader of the New Federalists. Felice,a beautiful Hispanic munitions expert, has a deep distrust of mechanical men after the Border War took her eye.

At times it is uncertain – is SOCKET on our side?

Thank you for visiting the Socket website. Please watch this space for the coming bios on the creative team; Timothy Fling, Moises Fermin and Martin Dunn!