Socket battles a lizard cult on the moon.

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After being attacked by the New Federalists, four dysfunctional robots hijack a spacecraft en route to the moon. While fighting to survive on the lunar surface, they find something...disturbing.

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Socket #1

The inaugural issue of SOCKET! In a disturbing alternate future, four sarcastic robots must defeat a rampaging plant monster. At times it is uncertain… is SOCKET on our side?

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About Socket

SOCKET is the terrifying true story of America’s first all- robot investigative team. Set in a disturbing apocalyptic future, their fast paced adventures focus on defeating surreal and supernatural threats with a slick Silver Age style. The mechanical world of SOCKET has a distinct visual style, a dystopian future realm of jetpacks and hover cars, yet with one foot set firmly in 1963. All issues of Socket are printed on slightly radioactive paper, in order to possibly create powerful new mutations among our most stalwart readers. Please read Socket responsibly.